How Much RAM Do You Need For Gaming? Thing To Know 2022

What is RAM? What is its role in gaming? How much RAM do you need for gaming? Here is every about RAM and how to get a RAM which suitable for your gaming.

What is RAM?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is where your PC stores data and programs while they are being processed. RAM holds parts of your game in short-term storage. It helps your PC easy access, regardless of the speed of your storage drive. Because constantly retrieving data from the HDD is inefficient and slow, RAM allows your PC to access data quickly, so your computer will move the crucial game data it needs to the RAM for a quick load.

The role of RAM in games

RAM plays a significant role by storing all of the relevant game data and ensuring a smooth gaming experience. If a PC is working with insufficient RAM, a game will inevitably start lagging and stuttering. That leads to a poor experience when playing games.

Should you consider RAM for gaming?

There are many factors that affect your games. You can read it all at Memory is an example, there is a lot of variation in terms of memory requirements between different games. And of course, RAM is an important factor when choosing a PC for gaming.

But there is a lot of misconception about RAM configurations. It’s easy to understand.

We will discuss it in the below section.

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How Much RAM Do You Need for Gaming?

There are various kinds of RAM: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32 GB. But which is suitable for gaming? Let’s find out.

Although 4Gb RAM isn’t general now. But some people use it, and several games also work well with 4GB RAM. So, we still compare 4GB RAM to other general RAM.

As said above several games also work well with 4GB RAM. But Almost games are not able to deliver a great gaming experience with 4GB RAM. they usually met the problem with 4GB RAM. With modern games, 4GB RAM can’t meet the requirements to work them.

Compare to 16GB or 32GB, 8GB RAM configurations are the low end. You can use it for gaming. But you will usually meet lag or stutter when playing games.

We temporarily call 16GB RAM is middle-range. Because 16GB RAM is standard for gaming now. You can play any game with 16GB without lag or stutter as 8GB.  At the moment, no game needs more than 16 GB of RAM to run. So, 16GB configuration becomes ideal for most gaming PCs.

on the high range, we have 32GB RAM. It was designed for professional gamers or other purposes than for casual gaming.

Because almost games can work well on 16GB RAM at the moment, as said above. So 32GB RAM is overkill if you mainly intend to use the PC for casual gaming.

So, which should you choose?

With all the above in mind, easy to see that 16GB RAM is good for gaming at the time. You can play any game now with 16GB without wast much money on an expensive 32GB one. But if you are a professional gamer, should choose 32GB RAM. It ensures the best condition for you when competing. You also can get 32GB if you don’t worry about your budget but about the games that you play in the future that it can require more than 16GB RAM to run well. You will not have to spend money to replace a new one.

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Is 4GB RAM Enough for Gaming Today?

As said above, 4GB is very old. And almost you can’t play any modern game with a 4GB RAM PC.

So, if you are owning a 4GB RAM configuration and you want to play the game. We advise you should replace it with a PC with more than 8GB RAM.

Is 8GB RAM the Ideal RAM for gaming?

8GB RAM can run some games now. But it is also low than the standard of gaming at the moment (16GB). You can play games on an 8GB RAM PC, but you usually have problems with lag and stutter. You have to accept that.

But perhaps 8GB will not respond to the requirement of the games in the future. So it isn’t suitable for the demand playing games of you for long term.

How Much RAM Is Too Much?

The quick answer is 16 RAM configurations

16GB meets almost the requirements of any game now.

But in the future, you might need more than 16GB RAM to play games well (such as 32GB). Because the games in the future might require a higher range than now. Don’t worry, the technology will also develop to respond to that requirements, of course.


In conclusion, the 16GB RAM configuration is suitable for gaming.

But you can get 32GB RAM if you are a professional gamer or you really want to invest in the game at the moment and in the future.

But you also need to consider other factors when getting a PC gaming.

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