Is Linux Good For Gaming? Things To Know 2022

Do you know Linux operating system? You want to get Linux for your PC. But you don’t know that Is Linux good for gaming? Or which thing that you should consider when using Linux instead other operating systems such as Windows or macOS? will help you answer these questions here.

What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system (OS) that has been around for so long, almost as long as Windows. The difference between Linux, Windows, and macOS is distributions. Distributions are also called distros. they have different sets of themes, user experience, interface, and the like. Linux looks like a good fit for people who love customizing their operating systems.

The features of Linux compared to Windows and macOS

Before getting a Linux for yourself, you should know its features and the differences of these features between Linux and others (Windows and macOS). here is a detailed comparison of that.


Linux doesn’t work similarly to Windows. The customize of Windows is easier than Linux. It also depends on the distro that you used. in general, Linux needs user is adept at computer software. Because is not a user-friendly operating system. For each thing, there’s a lot of customization that comes with it that you have to know or figure out.


Linux is so customizable. difference from Windows or macOS, Linux doesn’t provide any basic form of customization. Linux hasn’t a lot of things set in stone. It seems to be difficult for some users. But it is perfect for those who love tweaking their PCs. There are several distros available online. You have to browse them to find the distro that will suit your preference and your style. It makes Linux have diverse and flexible distros.


Convenience is an important factor when you consider getting an OS. Because it affects users’ experience when using this OS. as said above, because of not user-friendly, Linux is not convenient. You must learn to get the hang of a Linux. If you’re not especially keen on computer programming and software, you going to face a little difficult adjusting.

Don’t worry, Linux still works well for you to carry out usual PC activities at ease. Although there are some programs that have troubles with Linux which could be a cause of annoyance to some.


A remarkable thing is Linux is free and open-source. Most of its distros can just be installed online. Although it has paid distros, they are usually for professionals and business needs. You won’t need to pay for Linux if you are an average user and a gamer. it is the best advantage of Linux compared to Windows or macOS.

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Is Linux Good For Gaming?

You knew the advantages and disadvantages of Linux. But Is it good for gaming purposes?

The answer is YES.

Linux has thousands of games that you can buy or download every year. And it continually increases. This is more than enough for casual gamers.

Linux is customizable. Linux is very good for you If you’re the type of gamer who wants a customized setup.

A remarkable advantage is you don’t need a high-end build for it to perform well. You can save your money to focus on buying other parts that are necessary for your PC instead. Linux is suited for tight-budget gamers or students.

Here are just three remarkable advantages. of course, there are many advantages which we don’t list here.

But Linux isn’t perfect for gaming. It also has some things that make it difficult to use. And an important thing is most of these problems involve games that don’t perform well on a Linux and the user experience.

Who Should Get a Linux?

Linux is good, but it is not for everyone. So, Who Should Get a Linux?

Linux isn’t built for general users because it would be difficult to use. Linux is going to be very convenient and easy to use for those who have a background in computers. It suits them. In another way, Linux gives you an inconvenience if You aren’t good at computers.

Linux also suits students. Because they don’t have a lot of money to build a brilliant PC for gaming. And at least they also have basic knowledge about PC or operating system.

And one thing to consider when getting Linux is what games you are playing. Some games are popular on Linux. But there are still popular games that do not support Linux. If you play games that run natively on Linux, it is suitable for you. otherwise, you should get Windows or macOS.

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Linux vs Windows – what should we choose?

The answer depends on you.

If you want to use a general and user-friendly OS, Windows is suitable for you. But if you want a customizable OS or you have a tight-budget, you should choose Linux.

And it also depends on the games that you are playing.

Which are monopoly games on Linux?

There are some monopoly games on Linux:

  • Spirit Island
  • Hive
  • Cafe International
  • Steam: Rails To Riches
  • Istanbul
  • CafA International
  • Aeon’s End
  • Evil Cult
  • Charterstone
  • Puzzle With Your Friends
  • Stockpile
  • LASER CHESS: Deflection
  • Stockpile Game
  • Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game
  • Eight-Minute Empire
  • Isle Of Skye
  • The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game
  • Rento Fortune: Online Dice Board Game Aac


In conclusion, Linux is good for gaming. But you should research carefully before getting it. And should consider something above to have a clear understanding of Linux when you want to use it.

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