What Is A Good Ping For Gaming? Thing To Know 2022

Do you know what is Ping? Why does lag or stutter occur when you play games? Which Ping is good for gaming? Or How to decrease your Ping? This article will help you answer those questions.

What Is A Good Ping For Gaming?

What is Ping?

Ping is the trip time that a message takes to send from your computer to a server and back.  Ping is measured in milliseconds. It means the number of Ping is as low as possible.

What is latency?

In a word, Latency (ping speed) is your internet connection response time.

Ping rate is the digital measure of the response time it takes for a message to travel from your computer to a server and back. It is also known as latency.

For super-fluent gameplay, you always need as low the ping rate as possible. The ping lower 40ms, especially lower 30ms, is good for gamers.

While many games can still be fairly playable at 90ms or higher, they can’t give to you a smooth feeling and great experience when playing games.

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How does Ping affect your games?

The word “high Ping” and “low Ping” imply the levels of Ping. “High Ping” means the time to a message complete the journal from your PC to the server is long. And of course, it isn’t good.

You don’t need “low Ping” any time. Common demands of the users don’t require the low value of Ping. But it is important with sensitive-time applications, such as competitive online games. You will need a low Ping to work it smooth.

One more thing will cause a problem called packet loss. The packet is the primary method to transmit information through the internet. However, when the time to respond to a message is too long, packets containing that message is dropped, eternally lost to time. It is the side effect of the overcome of the internet against congestion issue.

What Ping is good gaming?

as said above, you don’t need “low Ping” any time using the internet. As long as the latency in milliseconds of your internet remains less than 500ms, it is good enough. When playing games, the ping in the range of 20-50 ms is good. If ping goes above 50ms and upwards of 150ms plus, you will feel that things start to play differently. the game start to lag or stutter. if the Ping continues to increase, it’s remarkable because of the bad effect on your experience when playing games.

In theory, Ping is as low as possible. But 0 ms is impracticable. So, 20-50 ms is good for you with any task or purpose on the internet.


How to decrease your Ping?

Here are some cheats to decrease your Ping:

  • Close any background applications
  • Turn off updates
  • use a wired connection

You can apply these cheats any time you use the internet or just when playing games. In fact, you don’t need the Ping value to be always low at any time.

How do you Test Your Ping?

Ping tests are available all over the internet, but we would recommend using https://www.speedtest.net/ to get general information about your ping. For individual games, you can access https://gameserverping.com/ and run the test for the game you want.

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What Does Lag Mean?

Lag is an effect-side term for latency. In gaming, if you have a high ping, you will feel a noticeable delay in between actions. This is called lag. It is just a term of latency that is used on gameplay.

When the ping is high, you will start to notice lag occur. It causes the game doesn’t work smoothly, affect your experience and performance when playing the game.


In conclusion, which ping is good for you?

The answer depends on your purpose.

If you are just online for regular activity, such as watching movies or searching the web, a lower than 500 ms is enough. Because it doesn’t require the internet’s speed.

If you use sensitive-time apps or play competitive online games, you need the ping to be as low as possible. The ideal value of Ping is 20-50 ms.

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