What Is DPS In Gaming? Things to Know 2022

In the gaming world, acronyms are frequently used that a novice player may not comprehend and DPS is one among them. So, what Is DPS in gaming? Derosaelectric.com will help you answer these questions here.

What is DPS in Gaming?

Simply explained, DPS in gaming stands for “Damage per Second,” which refers to the amount of damage that a game hero may inflict in a single second of gameplay.

DPS is more affected by loadout and abilities/skills than by class; it can vary significantly depending on the ordnance used.

It is measured by fighting a mob or anything similar for five seconds and then dividing the total HP lost by five. Damage Per Second measurements in games are typically “optimal,” implying that they presume you attack properly for one second.

It is most usually used in the literal sense to refer to accurate damage output per second. DPS, on the other hand, is a term used to describe classes that specialize on dealing damage. It can be used similarly to how a healer or tank class is identified.

Many classes in most games deal damage and have a DPS, but the majority of games also have types designed to deal significantly more damage than others.

These are commonly referred to as DPS classes in many quarters.

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Examples of DPS

Pharah, a security captain who yearns to safeguard the world’s peace, can dole out huge Damage Per Second in Overwatch, just like the heroes of her past, thanks to splash damage, balanced rockets, and her ability to focus on preys that other team members can’t.

A hero like Mei, on the other hand, causes significantly less damage.

Meanwhile, one of the highest DPS in the game is found in the role-playing game Bastion; heroes like Tracer or Hanzo are still recognized as DPS heroes because they are capable of and expected to win a lot of kills during a battle.

Despite their damage per second, Reinhardt and Mercy are not considered DPS heroes.

Understanding DPS Terms

Burst DPS

Burst DPS is a term that refers to the amount of damage done in a short period of time. When dealing with low-health enemies, high burst damage is the greatest approach. Most classes have at least a few spells or abilities that do a large amount of damage in a short period of time. This type of damage is desired in PvP circumstances, but it is usually too expensive or has a long cool down to be viable.

Sustained DPS

Sustained DPS is defined as damage dealt continuously over an extended period of time. Heavy sustained damage is the greatest approach for dealing with targets with a lot of health. Any class, when properly specced and geared, is capable of doing good sustained damage. Warlocks, Rogues, Mages, and Hunters have the most sustained Damage Per Second as “pure” Damage Per Second classes.

It should be noted that Sustained DPS is best calculated on a single boss fight. Full raid/dungeon DPS takes AOE damage into account, significantly increasing your Damage Per Second.

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