Should you tip electricians?

Most of the time, tipping an electrician or plumber is unnecessary. If you work with a frequent contractor who gives you a break now and again, you may feel obligated to leave a tip. Several electricians have said that they do not anticipate any gratuities for their services. Especially when they charge a high hourly rate. So don’t be concerned about tipping them. 

However, if they go above and above or spend more time than planned, a gratuity of at least $20 is usually appreciated.

Who to tip?

Plumbers, electricians, painters, and HVAC crews are considered professionals, and some have state licenses that unskilled laborers do not. As a general rule, do not tip these highly trained professionals. The same is true for remodeling, roofing, and foundation repair professionals. And, unless they are single entrepreneurs performing unskilled jobs on their own, do not tip business owners.

Don’t tip delivery service personnel who are either hired by or contracted by retail establishments; their employers may have a policy prohibiting their employees from collecting gratuities. The same is true for large delivery companies like FedEx and UPS. An example of an exception would be if you hired a delivery team to transport a huge, heavy piece of furniture into your home and arrange it for you.

Do electricians get tips?

If the electrician is self-employed or a full-fledged general contractor, he (or she) does not likely expect to be tipped at the end of the project. The price offered, whether at the start or completion of the work, includes supplies and labor. But it never hurts to find out whether it’s normal.

It depends on how particular techs are compensated and how their firm allocates their incoming money. Some technicians are paid by the hour, some by the commission, and some by both! It varies for every business, but the important thing is that they are paid. Tipping the service worker is a thoughtful gesture that may be quite beneficial financially. Simply look for those that need to be tipped and tip them.

If you really want to give the worker a niece as a leaving present but aren’t sure if it’s okay, simply ask! I suppose it would be OK to offer them a bottle of water, soda, or a warm baked chocolate chip cookie. It’s difficult to say no to a warm chocolate chip cookie, so that could be enough to make a serviceman happy.

A guide to tipping (or not) for household services

We’ve all seen the tip jar at our favorite coffee shop and are used to tipping a waiter or waitress for excellent service. When it comes to movers, house painters, electricians, or the guy who mows your lawn, however, most people are unsure whether or not to tip and, if so, how much.

Here are some general rules regarding tipping for basic domestic services.

Appliance delivery

Although it is not always stated on their websites, many big-box retailers, such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Better Buy, restrict staff from collecting gratuities, even if they are delivering a 50-inch television, thus it is best not to offer. 

Appliances and electronics, on the other hand, are frequently sent straight from the manufacturer rather than from the retailer, and third-party delivery firms may have different regulations. 

We’d still play it cautiously and decline. A better approach to express your appreciation is to provide good comments on the corporate survey that is provided to you following the delivery, being sure to include the delivery person’s name.

Cable installer

Employees of cable providers are frequently not permitted to collect tips. Also, be careful of any installer who requests a tip in return for “free” extra channels; this is very certainly against corporate rules.


Contractors often bill by the hour or by the work, and there is usually an agreed-upon price, thus tipping is neither needed nor anticipated. I have discovered that providing breakfast and/or lunch for the staff is always appreciated and goes a long way toward promoting prompt outcomes.

Electricians and plumbers

Plumbers and electricians are highly qualified professionals who are paid hourly for their services and do not anticipate tips. It is preferable to share your great experience on their company website, with your local business bureau, or through an internet review platform.

Furniture and rug delivery

Stores such as Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn offer fixed delivery rates and generally collaborate with specialized partners for local deliveries or professional shipping firms for long-distance deliveries. 

As a result, the person delivering your furniture is most likely a third-party hire who will earn just a fraction of the delivery price, and tipping is usual. For furniture delivery, you should tip $10 to $20 for each person. You should tip more if there is installation or assembly needed, or if you have the delivery team try the component in a few places.

You should tip substantially ($20 to $40 per person) for large rug delivery, especially if the workers are laying the rug for you and the process involves moving and/or lifting furniture.

Repair person

For a one-time service call, no gratuity is anticipated. However, if you rely on the same individual on a regular basis, express your gratitude over the holidays (usually between $20 and $100, depending on the frequency and efficiency of the task). You should offer to pay the repair personnel if they go above and beyond the scope of their task.

For example, if a building’s superintendent rewired a light fixture for you despite the fact that it was outside his job description, and he refused to charge you, you may tip him $20.

House painter

Tipping is not needed or expected, but if you are really happy with the quality of your new paint job, you can offer each painter $10 to $20, depending on the scale of the work. 

A favorable rating on Yelp, HomeAdvisor, or other comparable websites would be much better than a gratuity. Also, think about supplying breakfast (coffee and donuts) or a pizza lunch for the staff.

Lawn care and snowplow drivers

Many individuals leave a vacation trip for the person who mows their lawn in the summer or plows their driveway in the winter. And leave a sizable gratuity ($20 to $50). As a result, the worker is more likely to visit your house first the following year.


Tip 10 to 15% of the entire cost of the project for a large task. Instead of giving money to each mover, give the money to the foreman to split among the team, indicating how much you want to tip each worker. For minor projects, tip each worker $10 to $50, depending on the weight of the piece or the number of flights of stairs required.

In Conclusion

To conclude, an electrician is a profession that is compensated according to the contractor, which includes travel fees, the difficulty of the individual work, or each electrician’s competence and experience. It is not essential to tip an electrician; but, if you want to express your appreciation for their good attitude and effort, you might bring them a glass of orange juice, for example.