What Is Backseat Gaming? Things to Know 2024

Backseat gaming is a word used primarily on Twitch and YouTube, but it also exists on other platforms where users stream their games in front of an audience. So, what is backseat gaming? Derosaelectric.com will help you answer this question in the most understandable way.

What Is Backseat Gaming?

Backseat gaming is defined as a viewer advising the player (streamer) what to do in the game or where to go.

Backseat gaming is a bad thing 99 times out of 100. Unless the broadcaster has specifically requested assistance, he or she does not appreciate anyone giving tips or even spoiling the game. It degrades the gaming experience for the broadcaster and may degrade the experience for other viewers as well. People will sometimes insist on explaining how simple it is to perform a particular move. It can be vexing as hell.

Aside from streaming sites, there is also backseat gaming amongst friends and couples playing games. Backseat gaming occurs when one person observes another and persists on telling him or her what to do.

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What Does Backseat Gaming Mean to You as a Viewer?

Backseat gaming has only one meaning if you’re a viewer watching a streamer play a game — shut up and don’t do it. Allow the streamer to do his thing, and if he’s too awful at the game for you to be interested in his moves, just watch someone else. Put yourself in his shoes: would you rather have someone tell you what to do in a game than figure it out for yourself? Most likely not.

Having said that, we should not confuse backseat gaming with trolling and making “evil” jokes. Big streamers like sodapoppin and Quin69 are regularly tormented by voice message donations, but it’s all part of the experience. It’s typically amusing to criticize their gameplay.

When friends or a couple engage in backseat gaming, it can be just as aggravating, if not more so. It’s all relative. If you ever find yourself in this circumstance, you will undoubtedly know how to resolve it between yourselves better than we do.


How to stop backseat gaming?

As a Twitch streamer, the simplest way to prevent backseat gaming is to either turn off chat messages or avoid from viewing them. This may not be the ideal choice, therefore simply prohibiting backseat drivers is another possibility.

It’s also a good idea to include a statement stating that no backseat gaming is permitted – either in the stream title or as a frequently appearing bot message. Additionally, blacklisting specific terms such as “you should” can be beneficial.

Why do so many streams prohibit backseat gaming?

Because it irritates them and degrades their game experience. Not only are they affected, but so are other viewers, because a big part of the enjoyment is watching streamers make mistakes and figure things out on their own.

What exactly is backseat gaming?

Essentially, you’re directing someone you’re watching play a game what to do and how to act.

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